10 Affordable Countries Where You Can Retire for $200K

Planning for retirement must not be late, it doesn’t matter whether it is around the corner or decades away. You might be aware of the fact that how expensive is to retire in the Northern part of America. Along with retirement expenses, oldies have to pay for food, apparel, and housing, health insurance. Things like fidelity investment and mortgage also take place when you enter your senior years.

The maximum advantage of private health is necessary when you retire. Today, after you stop working, regular income will cease and you might need to refinance yourself, how will you survive and pay your medical bills? Have a look at some of the countries which will the best fit after retirement for health care.

1. Costa Rica

Want to lead a simple life? Costa Rica is the best choice. With T-shirt weather all throughout the year, golden beach and eateries, the destination sports all that you need to spend a fulfilling after work life. Health care facilities are reasonable, some may prefer to spend  75 dollars to 150 dollars for complete coverage supporting the national public health insurance scheme, named Caja. Bank transactions and exchange are also very easy in this country, for international retirees, they can easily convert their money and live free here.

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