10 Habits That Destroy Your Kidneys

Most of us are familiar with these habits, but we do not even think about their harm. Let’s get it over with, in order to protect the kidneys and ourselves from diseases. After all, as they say: “A person is healthy only if his kidneys are healthy.”

1.Untimely emptying of the bladder

Continuous retention of urine in the bladder can lead to kidney failure and incontinence. Therefore, remember the rule: “As soon as – so immediately …”!

2.Excess amount of sodium

The main source of sodium for man is table salt. But if you abuse it, then your kidneys, as the main regulator of water-salt metabolism, can not cope with their work. The daily norm of salt for an adult is up to 5-6 grams. The advice is: nedosalivai food – you quickly get used to and will better feel its taste.

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