11 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

Eyes are an important part of the body. These are one among the five sensory organs. A number of outer protections have put on the eye by God. Among them are eyelashes. If we look at them these look like a bundle of hairs just above the cornea of an eye and are attached with the skin. They play an important rule not only giving a beautiful shape to our eyes. They also help in protecting them also.

They make them dirt free. So it is your responsibility to have the maximum of eyelashes on your eyes. It is your responsibility also to look after them. If you have short eyelashes, then your eyes are at risk of getting dirty and unsafe in the places where air pollution is at its peak. So if your eyelashes are too small and unable to handle the dirty pollution. Your must think to grow them larger. To grow  longer naturally without any artificial involvement. You must read these 11 ways below.

1. Massage your eyelids regularly

If your eyelashes are naturally long. You do not need anything to make them extra long. This means that the health is good. But if your eyelashes are short and fall regularly, then you must think to stop them from falling. You have to massage the eyelids regularly. Your eyelids are just in the upper part of an eye on which is grow. When you start massaging , the small follicles on them will start growing and in the same way,it will start growing faster.

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