15 Most Annoying Insects In The World

Insects are not always noticed, but in vain. Every schoolboy knows that 90% of the living organisms of our planet are insects. They are the most common biological form on Earth and some insects are very dangerous. Representatives of insects have a variety of shapes, colors, sizes. Some of them certainly benefit humanity. Or just do not harm. But there are also such species, which can be called nasty, importunate and even repulsive.

15. Wasps

In English, a wasp is called a “yellow jacket” because of the clearly visible black and yellow stripes. It is known that wasps are very aggressive, carefully guard their territories and nests (remember summer adventures in attics). For one year in the world, wasps bite more than 100 000 people. From such bites (and the wasp can sting more than once), an allergic reaction may begin. In some cases, death.

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