29 Shocking Photos of Hot Celebrities Without Makeup !

We know that Hollywood and notoriety are beautiful, but what does a star really look like in everyday life when she is not wearing makeup? Discover a celebrity without make-up is a bit like a surprise pouch, you never know what we will find under the 3 layers of foundation. I assure you, they are like us and sometimes even worse! Let’s go here are 29 of your favorite stars like you’ve never seen them!

1. Kim Kardashian

The queen of selfies loves makeup so that’s why she never shows herself.¬†Obviously she does not wear makeup alone, she has 3 permanent make-up artist who take turns day and night to take care of her.

2. Cameron Diaz

In these many films the actress has accustomed us to see a natural beauty with beautiful blue eyes.¬†The reality is very different … Small mine, redness and imperfections apparent, blue eyes certainly but very tired.

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