4 Dangerous Symptoms of Stomach Germs

Gastroenteritis is the main cause of stomach ulcers, a bacterium with a twisted spiral shape. The bacteria live in the stomach and can remain there for many years without the patient discovering their presence and causing them many diseases.


The stomach germ is very dangerous since its presence in the stomach causes frequent infections. They also cause stomach ulcers and irritation in the colon and have a great ability to destroy the small intestine. In addition, this bacteria is a major cause of the difficulty of digestion, and not to benefit from some vitamins and elements that enter the body. The presence of these bacteria in the stomach for many years may lead to stomach or colon cancer. It is common and affects many people around the world. It affects more than 40% of the world’s population. We will give you my dear in this article the most important symptoms of stomach germ to identify them, and expedite treatment so as not to cause any complications.

1. Tummy Ache

When a person is infected with gastric ulcers, he has permanent abdominal pain whether the abdomen is empty or full. When the abdomen is empty, the patient feels colic-like pain in the upper third of the stomach. These pains may be mild, severe, and intolerable when the condition develops. When the stomach is filled with food, the patient is also tired and stomach pain accompanied by gas and swelling in the abdomen, even if the patient is eating snacks.

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