4 transportation technologies that will rule the future

In 10 or 20 years, can you travel in cars without driving? Can you reach your office in a short distance within minutes? Can we go as a tourist attraction?

1.Cars without driver

Many companies are busy operating to create unmanned vehicles. This idea started from the US Army during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It was created in an effort to prevent the deaths and injuries of American soldiers. The US Department of Defense has fielded a competition for scientists to create cars that are not driving. Since then, Uber, General Motors and Google have been creating unskilled cars.

2. The renewable power-battery

Selling of battery vehicles is increasing. Experts believe that the fuel price is high and the maintenance is low and the sales are still high. Battery cars may be more expensive than regular cars. The price of the batteries is expected to decrease, as the prices of the cars are expected to decline.

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