5 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Relationship

Marriage is the beginning of a great adventure, God must have always remained at the heart of the couple. And the dialogue within the couple must never be neglected, it is necessary to take care of this, to take time to exchange with your spouse, there must be no taboo within the framework of the couple, during your exchanges, speak about your frustrations, of your dreams, of your struggles. Remember that your spouse must be your best friend, you can tell him anything.

Here are 5 habits to avoid for your couple to be at their best

1. Try to change your partner

You can not change your partner, only God can! But you can pray for him that the Lord help him change! Do not spend your time seeing only the faults of your partner and remind him constantly, tell him with love, then pray together for it.

2.  Compare your partner to your ex or someone around you

You must learn to love your partner as he / she is! In the same way that it has faults, you have some too, you must remain united and look for complementarity in the couple. Do not compare it to your ex or other people around you, this causes conflict for the couple and causes injury in the heart.

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