5 facts about how red and blue colors control your behavior !

Imagine that you have a huge button, clicking on which you can smash the entire planet. Try to imagine this button. Presented? What color is it?

Almost 100% of people will turn out to be red. In two colors – red and blue – our body responds in such a mystical way that science is still making a helpless gesture.

1. Give you an undeserved advantage

During the 2004 Olympics, it was estimated that the most points from the judges were athletes dressed in red. As a result of the study, it turned out that they have a 13% chance of getting a point.

And if you think that the “power” of red is due to the fact that we are accustomed to seeing red alarm signs and fire engines since childhood, then why do monkeys react to this color in much the same way as we do?

In one experiment, the researchers fed the macaques, dressing alternately in red, blue and green clothes. With the green and blue color, there were no problems. But the monkeys reacted to red shirts as if they were offered to dine with pure poison. Red for them meant danger. And the danger is, in a sense, power and power.

Confirmations of the magical power of red you can find a lot – just look around. Take, for example, lipstick. It’s no secret that women with bright red lipstick on the lips are awarded the increased attention of men.

If you think that red lipstick you do not go – put on a red blouse. The study showed that the waitresses in red blouses gave men 14.6-26.1% more tips.

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