5 Reasons Not To Wear Rubber Slippers

Do you also wear rubber flip flops in the heat? They are very inexpensive. However, many doctors warn about the dangers that these shoes are fraught with. And that’s why you need to wear it as little as possible.

Slates or flip flops, they are rubber slippers with a jumper over the finger, are considered the most popular summer shoes. Among the advantages – cheap. Such slippers can be purchased at any supermarket, in any store of women’s clothing in the mass market segment for very little money. And you can pick up your pair to each swimsuit. However, flip-flops are not the best shoes from any point of view. There are several reasons for this.

5. Injuries

It turns out that injuries can also be caused by slippers. The slates practically do not support the leg, and therefore already during walking the muscles begin to overstrain, you can easily slip and tuck the foot. Among the fairly common effects of wearing “Vietnamese” are tendonitis (inflammation and degeneration of tendon tissue), so-called stress fractures, cuts, scratches, and corns. This list is endless.

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