5 Reasons Why Man Ignores a Woman He Likes

You had such that after meeting with a man, a few dates with him, a nice conversation with a clear hint of a sequel, he suddenly disappears?

He does not call and does not message, but for your attempts to invite him somewhere, he politely replies that he himself wanted to offer you this, but, alas, now the blockage at work, the beloved dog fell ill or other problems collapsed.

This causes you some confusion, because you were sure that a spark ran between you. Are you mistaken and it is not so? Not necessarily. Psychologists claim that there are at least 5 reasons why a man ignores a woman who is interested in him.

5. Low self-esteem

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Perhaps he has a low self-esteem . He simply is not confident in himself and is afraid that he will not stand the competition with other men. It seems to him that he is not good enough for you – smart, interesting or secured – and to save his pride from the blow that his refusal will bring to him, he prefers to freeze relations.

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