5 Warning Signs for Poisoned Liver


The liver is the largest organ of the human body. It is  Weighing about 3 pounds and large extent involved in the metabolism of humans. The liver has 2 large sections  the right and the left lobes.Substances from the intestine pass through the bloodstream into the liver cells. There they are processed. Usable substances are stored, such as sugar as glycogen. As glucose, it is released into the bloodstream at low blood sugar levels.

It is important early to identify allergy or Please find a doctor to get some medical check up ,when the liver is overloaded or damaged by pollutants and toxins and take good care about your body.


Signs of heavy liver poisoning are:

5. Allergies

Allergies are common and It can be a sign of liver disease.Mostly it will start with itchy skin and create more irritation. A high toxin load in the bloodstream can be perceived by the brain as allergens. Therefore, the brain will immediately release antibodies and chemicals that can lead to an itchy rash.

Talk to your doctor if you’ve been feeling more exhausted than usual.


4. Chronic fatigue

When the venom deposits in the liver become chronic and are not treated in time, the liver is no longer able to convert glucose into glycogen and thus into energy for the body. fatigue is may tell the signs with many other illnesses, so it is not 100% obvious you could be dealing with liver damage.Therefore, the person suffering from constant fatigue and chronic fatigue.

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