6 Best Ways To Use lemon

Lemon is not only add food for flavor, they are also known for their health and beauty benefits. Lemons have astringent and disinfectant properties and lighten the skin naturally. They are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and other compounds that help regulate the acidity of the skin and eliminate fatness.

If you do not know about the benefits of lemon for a beautiful view, here we will tell you about some of the ways that you can take advantage of and feel all the natural benefits of lemon.

1. Add shine to hair

This is one of the most famous advantages of lemons for appearance, the effectiveness of which has been proven in practice. To lighten or shine your hair, apply lemon juice on the necessary areas and go out into the sun.

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Under the influence of sunlight, the lemon will lighten the hair, making it bright and golden. To achieve the desired results, it is desirable to do this procedure once a week.

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