6 Clear Signs You’re About to Faint


Fainting occurs when a sudden drop in blood or oxygen (or both) occurs in the brain due to low blood pressure and heart rate. Fainting can occur for all children and adults. Some symptoms occur before fainting. You need to know and take precautions to avoid infection.For the site Make Me Feed

1. Feeling warm

If you are about to faint, you may feel warm because of a rapid increase in blood flow to compensate for the lack of blood and oxygen

2. Feeling dizzy

When lying down, blood is distributed in the body on a regular basis. When standing, blood pressure is reduced due to gravity, so doctors advise when feeling dizzy that the muscles of the lower part of the body, such as the thigh muscles, should be pressed before standing. This will make blood pumping back to the upper half Of the body, often the most important sign that you are about to faint.

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