6 Daily Habits That Damage Your Nails

Be careful .. these habits may destroy your nails strongly. Find out the most common mistakes you should avoid to protect your nails.

Many women and girls care about the latest nail polish and innovative colors, but in fact, that’s all they care about. However, there are many daily habits that can cause nail damage due to harsh external factors such as water, chemical detergents, perfumes and others. Just like the skin and hair, nails need proper care to prevent common problems such as dryness, yellowing and cracking . Instead of spending a lot of money in beauty salons to install artificial nails, you can easily get healthy and strong nails by following some simple steps.

1 – excessive use of nail polish

Using nail polish frequently displays your nails to be greatly damaged. Acetone-type abrasives are used to dry the nails. Nail polish types also contain some chemical compounds and strong pigments.


Nail polish is not recommended over and over again, but you need to take some rest to make your nails self-repair and rejuvenate. After removing the old nail polish, do not apply another coating for at least 3 days. During this period, you should use natural oils and moisturizing creams to supply the nails with the essential elements that help

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