6 Serious Health Issues From Sitting Too Long in the bathroom

Nowadays, anyone who carries a phone to sit as a toilet This would not be known that sitting in the bathroom for a long time can have a lot of disadvantages. No different from taking yourself to the disease!

The risk of disease is closer to us than I thought. Especially those who like to sit on their hands while entering the toilet Or having to carry a smartphone into the bathroom every time Especially public toilets With countless people entering – leaving Say that this behavior is dangerous, not indigestion. Do not believe. Let’s see. Living the phone in the bathroom for a long time has a negative effect on health.

1. Risk of diarrhea

In the bathroom is a source of various types of germs Whether it is Cephalophyllitis (C.difficile) E. coli, salmonella, which causes gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting and other intestinal disorders

by scientists From Leeds University revealed that the disease was found almost every inch in the bathroom. Even if the toilet flushed, we didn’t close the toilet lid. Infected with the chance to spread far away until our mobile phones do not survive. Being sprayed with air that is filled with germs, tightly attached This time when we catch the phone to play again We get the germs again. Then think about playing mobile phones to eat breakfast, eating sweets, and also getting germs as well.Especially if you press the toilet and do not wash your hands Or complete errands and wash hands not clean Took his hand to pick up the phone The pathogen will inevitably be held in hand.

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