6 Surprising And Unexpected Health Benefits

Flatulence, windings, cuescos, follones or gases. It does not matter how you call them, but they will not smell better for it. However, farts are a normal physiological function that happens to everyone in this world, to a greater or lesser extent.


If you are one of those people who claims not to have thrown a flatulence in your life, I will tell you that a fart is the gas that results from digesting food in the intestine , when these are broken down into simple nutrients.

The amount of gas that can be produced varies according to the type of food we eat, being some more flatulent than others, as in the case of legumes or cauliflower.

As we said at the beginning, it  is completely normal and inevitable and is a by-product of waste such as urine or feces. Let’s see the benefits of letting these gases escape regularly.

1. It’s a huge relief

Let’s be honest. Even if throwing farts was not good for health  would still be an immense relief,  as are other excretory functions of our body. And the waste is not made to keep them in our body, but to release ballast as soon as possible.

Holding the gas can make us feel bad, make us feel uncomfortable and irritable. Releasing them, on the other hand, releases the pressure and improves the mood.

So you know, the next time you suffer from gas, accept it, find a suitable and intimate place and get rid of them . We all have an ass, so your company will understand that you need to be absent. Be honest and say goodbye to shame.

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