7 Female Professions That Most Men Are Crazy About

According to the latest data, women with legal, medical or journalistic education, flight attendants, as well as quite modern areas of activity were in the top. We have compiled a rating of those who are the main object of male fantasies.

1. Flight attendants

What can captivate men more maiden beauty? Only the sky, seven feet under the wing and a feeling of complete freedom. And if you still add here a pretty stewardess ? Then get a very seductive cocktail, which is able to invigorate absolutely any representative of the stronger sex. Sexologists claim that during a stressful situation (in this case during the flight, there is a feeling of your own powerlessness and the realization that your life is in the hands of another person), men subconsciously dream to take the situation into their own hands and try to realize this desire while flirting with girls responsible for the safety of passengers.

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