7 Most Terrible Tortures In The History

Torture at the time was not as widespread as many people think, but God forbid, it was to get into a situation where the authorities wanted to force a person to confess to something! The Middle Ages are considered a golden age for methods of torture and tools that can cause terrible pain. Today’s “sanctioned” methods of torture are designed to cause psychological or emotional stress. They reduce the physical pain almost to a minimum. Devices that were used in the Middle Ages were really terrible and brought unbearable pain

1.The Copper Bull

This bull was invented by Copper Perill and sold it to the Sicilian tyrant Falaris. Funny, but they both died in it.

Inside the bull is hollow. A man was locked inside him, and a bonfire was lit up under the bull’s bulb. The prisoner was roasted inside, like a ham, and his bones were then sold as amulets.

2.The Cradle of Judah

This torture was popular with the Spanish Inquisitors. The prisoner was put on a pointed pyramid, which pierced the anus or vagina of the victim. Then the prisoner was gradually lowered, and the pyramid, expanding, tore his insides.

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