8 Amazing Architectural Wonders of Dubai

Dubai has become famous throughout the world for its mega architectural projects, but the emirate does not plan to stop there and launches new miracles one by one. In order not to lose the status of the architectural capital of the world, Dubai is going to present some impressive structures already this year.

1. Opera House of Dubai

The Dubai Center is considered one of the most commercially active places in the world, and the construction of the Opera of Dubai will add even more brightness to the thriving business center. The Grand Opera will hold 2,000 people, being essentially a multi-format theater. For connoisseurs of art, entertainment and culture, the Opera will provide ample opportunities in terms of theatrical performances, concerts, ballet, art exhibitions, orchestra, films, sports competitions and other similar programs. Adding a museum of modern art, two art hotels, design studios and galleries will be a real highlight of the business center of the city, as well as one of the central attractions of Dubai.

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