8 Strange Facts About Body Hair You Probably Didn’t Know

It seems that the whole body of a man is covered with hair. Some men are proud of the dense vegetation on the body, others want to get rid of excessive hairiness, especially when summer comes and the body is more exposed. In fashion magazines, men are increasingly presented with a smooth breast, although women have conflicting opinions on this score. What do you need to know about the hair on the body?

1. Most women prefer naturally, but neatly

What do women think about hair on the body of a man? At different times, women have different ways of hairy men, but this has always been considered socially acceptable.In Western culture, women themselves are expected to be flawlessly smooth when it comes to any vegetation on the body. However, women’s surveys revealed that many would not mind that men also put themselves in order, although in most cases their demands are much more modest. It can be said that shaving the hair on the legs, arms and in the armpit is too risky. Regarding the hair on the chest, women are divided into two opposing camps: some are strongly wounded, while others prefer a smooth breast. As for the hair on the back, although women are ready to accept this, they do not mind seeing at least attempts to pacify unnecessary hairiness.

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