8 Unknown Facts about the Male and Female Brains

1. 20% & 10%

Scientists believe that 20% of men have a female brain, and 10% of women are male, of course, with many individual differences. For example, women hear twice as much (2.3 times) than men. Women hear that a man screams (and thinks he is angry), while men feel that they speak in a confident manner, even with a certain tinge of participation.

2. Women hears the speaker with the help of both and man with left

The woman hears the speaker with the help of both hemispheres (left and right), while the man – mainly with the help of the left hemisphere, with the participation of verbal, logical thinking and, consequently, critically. Women have closer connections between the two hemispheres of the brain, which allows to solve several problems simultaneously, and the speech of the man seems to them emotionally colored, subjectively realized through their desires and anxieties, passed through ethical or social values. They hear what the man says, but even more feel how he does it, feeling the timbre of a man’s voice, the rhythm of his breathing, his supposed feelings.

The left hemisphere of the brain is more developed in women, and the right (the so-called emotional) is for men. This contradicts what the philistines think (and sometimes even psychotherapists). Hence, the woman is more involved in verbal participation and communication, while the man is more prepared for action and competition.

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