8 Worst Jobs In The World

There is a prestigious job, there is not much, there is too much, and there is one about which people are unlikely to tell in the company of friends or at home. Especially for those who complain about the long sitting at the computer in a stuffy office, we have prepared an overview of the professions, which for various reasons can be considered the worst in the world.

8. The researcher of mosquitoes

Scientists struggling with malaria should study the biting habits of a mosquito spreading this deadly disease. To study these insects, Brazilian scientists offer themselves as bait. In the evening, when mosquito activity is the busiest, the Researchers sit down in a tent with mosquitoes and stoically sacrifice their skin to catch the scoundrels. What do not you go for science ?

7. Intestinal Gases Tester

Smell researchers often meet in research laboratories. But the gastroenterologist from Minneapolis Michael Levitt recently brought such work to a new level. Sixteen healthy people voluntarily ate beans, and then after a while inserted plastic tubules into their anus and let the gases into special containers. About 100 such samples were collected, which were then sniffed by volunteers. The most disgusting samples were subjected to chemical analysis. As a result, it was found that the unpleasant smell of human gases corresponds to the concentration of hydrogen sulphide.

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