9 daily habits that make your brain damage

It happens, it is not at all clear what is happening: you are tired, you can not concentrate, you forget some things, but the strangest thing is that this happens only when you do certain things, such as waking up early and eating nothing, until the afternoon or too nervous at work … The problem is that you forget to take care of an important part of your body, the brain.



The brain is an extremely complex and delicate organ that takes a direct or indirect effect in all the processes of the body. It regulates the homeostasis of functions, such as palpitation, fluid balance, blood pressure, hormonal balance and body temperature. Responsible for the movement, cognition, learning, memory, human emotions, and therefore, the general state of health.

These are the habits in common:

1. Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it has a marked effect on performance, stamina and emotional state. During the first few hours a day, the brain releases nutrients to continue to “control” the physiological processes, after prolonged starvation, to which it was subjected. If you do not postachatite his energy, he will have to use reserves and will have to make extra efforts to maintain proper functioning. Lack of breakfast can lead to a general lack of energy, loss of concentration and memory, bad mood, poor physical and intellectual performance. Eat a substantial and healthy breakfast.

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