9 Things You Should Never Do On An Empty Stomach

The first meal in the morning is called breakfast literally “break” your “fast”. Because some time passed from the last cloth. The body passes through the fasting mode that the digestive system also automatically works in the past. So be careful about what to eat first. Not only in the morning, but at what time the stomach is empty.Our health is affected not only by what gets into our stomach, but also by what we do eating before .

You can do much harm yourself if you do not eat enough, especially when you have a lot of things to do and work to do. We all know that for better health we should include daily diet, fruits, green vegetables and protein-rich diet in our diet, but more important than that is to eat those things at the right time. Everything has good time to eat & not with empty stomach, which we do not care about. Because of which these things have a reversible effect on our health.

Here are 9 things that can harm your health and your wallet, if you do them on an empty stomach.

1. Go to bed


Hunger and low glucose can not provide you a sound sleep and you will wake up earlier than usual. In addition, the reason why the level of the hormone responsible for hunger rises is related to the habit of going too late.

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Skip dinner is not worth it, especially if you want to lose weight. This can lead to an increase in the feeling of hunger and disruption at a much later time or even at night (night-eating syndrome, which is psychologically difficult to get rid of). In addition, the lack of dinner increases the time of hunger, can provoke stagnation of bile and lead to cholelithiasis, as well as the replacement of glycogen in the liver by fat – fatty hepatosis.

The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime, so the night break in the work of the digestive system will be at least ten hours. If a person has a fairly early dinner, say, at 18-19 hours, and he goes to bed at 23 or later, then a second dinner is possible two hours before bedtime. It can be a glass of any low-fat dairy product (cheese, yogurt, ice-cream). If dinner is rather late, then it should be as light as possible for the stomach. Prepare, for example, lean fish or poultry with vegetables.

2. Take Anti-inflammatory drugs / medication

On an empty stomach, do not take aspirin, paracetamol, and other similar drugs. Otherwise, they will not be as effective, and it can lead to serious health problems, such as gastric bleeding. Always take food before taking any medicine, and drink anti-inflammatory drugs with water or milk.

Even the painkillers and medicines that increase the secretion of gastric acid hurt the wall of the stomach so it is useful to take after eating.

Taking prescriptions on an empty stomach implies that you should take your pills 2 hours before you eat or 2 hours after you eat.

Note : Kindly get the medical advice from Heath care provider or any of your doctor to take before any medicine

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