Parents Noticed Something Strange Coming Out of Their Baby Girl’s Neck..Incredible But True !


Drugs had no effect. The next day the girl’s cheek became more bulge than before and something like the blister appeared on the surface. The parents were horrified and returned to the hospital to find out the true cause of the redness on their child’s face.

There the doctor tried to puncture what appeared to be a bump on Mia’s face in order to unload it. But he could not. Two hours later a specialist intervened and tried to clean the area. Five minutes later Mia’s parents received an unexpected surprise: a 5 cm feather coming out of the girl’s face! The task was taken by the pediatrician who was more shocked than the parents.

According to the doctors, the most logical explanation would be that Mya would have breathed or swallowed this pen, which was stuck in his throat, and since then, his body was trying to get rid of it! Result: the feather eventually out of the lower part of his cheek. They also explained that this process would have lasted for months and was certainly not pain free, although the baby seems quite normal, until the redness appears.

Indeed, according to Mya’s parents, the latter showed no sign of pain or discomfort. On the other hand, she often touched the left side of her face during the last months, which her mother, Emma Whittington, suspected to be an  ear infection  or a dental flare. She never thought a feather was trying to get out of her daughter’s face!

The case of Mya, probably the first of its kind, remains a real mystery for doctors, who said they have never seen anything like it.  They encountered different cases of extraction, but none involved a feather!

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