China has been permitted to distribute foodstuffs by drones.

The government has granted permission to supply foodstuffs in 17 places in Shanghai, China, in the city of Shanghai, for the ELE.ME, a subsidiary of China’s headquarters, Alibaba.

It has been sanctioned to supply food through drones for 58 square kilometers of the facility.

Order in 100 restaurants operating in the Jinshan industrial area, it will be distributed to customers in twenty minutes by drones.

The South China Morning Post reported that the drones will be operated only between two specific locations already identified on each path.

He will go to a drone flight near the employee restaurant to get orders, and send it to a dron near a particular customer. Another employee is to get food and hand it over to the customer.

Compared to the normal roadway food supply, the website reports that distributing it through drones reduces the cost.

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