Coca-Cola has introduced its first alcoholic beverage

The new product of Coca-Cola has been introduced in three categories.

Of these, 3, 5 and 7 percent are marketed under the aluminum size ‘Lemon Du’

The bottle price of 350 milliliters is
sold for 150 yen . That is, the Indian price
is priced at Rs . 92 / – .

The company’s spokesperson said that it was manufactured from a factory in Masaki Lida, according to the drinking plan .

Also, Coca- Cola Company has got an Idea before starting the production of these soft drinks . Earlier, some of the company ‘s manufacturing industry officials went to Japanese Style Isakia pub.

There is a famous lemon drink so popular on that time, that is sold there . This drink especially attracts Young people and women.

In this case, Coca-Cola Company has already competed in Japan , with Sandori, Kirin and Aashahi. In contrast, Kokkak Kuala’s ‘Lemon To’ is the new episode that created a new drink .

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