Did you know that these celebrities were smokers?

Some of the people known in the world due to the many public outlets have managed to conceal some of their vices. Tobacco is just one of them. Did you know that US President Barack Obama has been a regular smoker? He even confessed that in most cases he spun a cigar, without even shutting off what had begun. Of course thanks to their will, they no longer have this habit, but it is for which characters it is:

1.Jennifer Aniston

The famous actress, who became famous for Rachel’s legendary role in the “Friends” series, has been a regular smoker. Like Obama, in many cases he could forget how many cigarettes he did for a while. But thanks to the will in 2012, Aniston finally said goodbye to this water.

2. Barack Obama

The former US president started smoking cigarettes at a young age, and has not taken it out of hand for 30 years. In 2007, he decided to give up this habit, driven by his wife Michelle. Of course he did not immediately leave the cigar, but began to secretly drink the family, until 2009 finally gave up (or so we know).

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