Do You Feel a Bitter Taste In Your Mouth When You Wake Up In The Morning?

This may already have happened to you, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you feel a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. Why is this happening? This phenomenon is actually more common,than you imagine. Although in fact there is nothing serious about it, however, sometimes a bitter taste in your mouth may indicate something in your body that you should pay attention to, for example, not enough nutrition or an increase in the number of bacteria … Now we will explain everything to you, so that you do not have unnecessary anxiety.

The simple fact is that almost all of us wake up with a strange taste in the mouth. In our language, a certain amount of bacteria accumulates, which are stored there during the night and cause bad breath. Of course, we will feel through this uncomfortable, especially when we wake up next to someone too important for us. Unpleasant odor from the mouth is normal, however, doctors say that sometimes it can be a sign of some kind of illness. Therefore it is worth to know why we have an unpleasant smell or bitter taste in the mouth in the morning

5 Reason for bad smell in the morning

1. Bacteria

Such an acidic and bitter taste in the mouth, as a rule, causes so-called anaerobic bacteria, which are located on the back of the tongue and produce a slight discharge of sulfur. If you do not have such unpleasant sensations throughout the day, it’s because your saliva is fighting bacteria and their secretions, destroying them. But at night, saliva production sharply decreases and therefore these elements remain in your language, which causes this unpleasant aftertaste. It happens in every mouth.

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