Does your scalp itch? 5 Natural Remedies To Calm It Down

Occasionally itching of the scalp can be due to an excess of dryness that we can alleviate quickly and easily with a natural moisturizing treatment.

People who suffer from itching in any part of the body know how distressing it can be. In this sense, the itching on the scalp is quite frequent, since it can be related to different causes.

Itchy scalp


We can all be bitten at some time by the scalp. However, when this discomfort becomes continuous and we even cause irritation, it is time to analyze what is happening in this part of the body .

  • In many cases, the cause is an excess of dryness. This is confirmed when, when scratching, we can see small white spots on the clothes. We should not confuse them with dandruff , which has a more oily and yellowish texture . In this case, we have a scaling of the scalp, which invites us to review the type of shampoo we use and to provide more hydration through masks.
  • In other cases we may have some type of eczema. This will be confirmed if there is some type of relief or different color on the scalp. The usual thing is that the area is inflamed and a little red. There can also be small wounds.
  • Nor should we rule out that our hair is reacting to some type of hair product . Most shampoos and other hair products contain alcohol, silicones, sulfates, parabens, etc. These dry and damage our hair progressively.

Remedies to soothe the scalp :

5. Shampoo with mint oil

If we want a quick solution that gives us relief without stopping using our shampoo we can resort to the essential oil of mint . This essence, that we will have to use in a small amount so that it does not irritate the scalp anymore, makes us feel a great freshness while having anti-inflammatory effects .

  • We can add to our shampoo 5 drops of this oil per 100 ml of product.
  • In addition, at the same time that we calm the itch, this oil activates circulation, regulates excess sebum, fights infections and prevents hair loss.
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