Drought in Australia From a Bird’s Eye View !

In the eastern regions of Australia, there is such a severe drought, which even the oldest inhabitants of the country can not remember. This winter in the east of the country there was almost no rain, and the fields turned into a desert scorched by the sun.

The scale of the disaster can be judged from the pictures that the photographer of the agency “Reuters” David Gray made from a bird’s eye view.

At first glance, if you do not know where and when these photographs were made, these are fascinating abstract pictures with the most unexpected combination of colors.


On the pasture near the town of Walgett, which belongs to the farmer Mae McKaun, only this lonely tree could survive. It grows near an underground water source.


A severe drought affected 98% of the territory of New South Wales, two-thirds of the territory of Queensland. Farmers in these states are forced to order livestock feed from other regions. As a result, the maintenance of livestock is very expensive now.

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