Mysterious Coin Covered Wishing Tree Discovered In Wales

A wish tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings. Such trees are identified as possessing a special religious or spiritual value. Postulants make votive offerings in hopes of having a wish granted, or a prayer answered, from a nature spirit, saint or goddess, depending on the local tradition.

This wishing tree was only cut down a few years to make way for a path for the locals but within a short space of time it has become a symbol of hope for many. Legend has it that hammering a small coin into a tree trunk will relieve you of illnesses.

While the idea may seem a little bizarre to some there are many people who believe in tree wishes hence the hundreds of coins hammered into this money tree.

While this maybe the first wishing tree in the welsh village Portmeirion it is not a new tradition. Wish trees have been around since the 17th century and can be found on trails from the Peak District all the way up to the Scottish Highlands.

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