Say Goodbye To Back Pain With THIS Magical Trick!

Nowadays, almost everyone complains about  back pain. The modern way of life requires us to sit for hours, whether in front of our screens or in our car. Our shoulders and backs suffer and sometimes become very painful. Do not panic ! With this simple trick, you will solve this problem permanently.

What are the causes of back pain?

The  pain in the back  and shoulders can sometimes be excruciatingly intense and spread to other parts of the body (arms, neck …), cause  headaches  or dizziness. Several factors can cause back pain, for example:

  • Large size:  tall people tend to lean forward too much, continually straining their back muscles and causing contractures and low back pain.
  • Bad  posture  :  it creates a muscular imbalance in the back that causes pain.
  • Low musculature  :  Prolonged sitting or heavy loads weaken the back muscles and cause the vertebrae to pile up.
  • A genetic predisposition  : if one of your parents suffers from back pain, you are very likely to suffer as well.
  • A  poor hydration :  if you do not drink enough water, pulpy discs that separate the vertebrae and give the spine its flexibility lose their volume. This results in a crushing vertebrae and a pinching of the nerves or spinal cord, a particularly painful phenomenon, often unbearable. 
  • An unbalanced diet  :  Eating foods that are too rich in protein or saturated fat affects your back, as they promote the accumulation of fat  and hinder the renewal of muscle tissue, ligament, etc.
  • Smoking  :  tobacco alters the vessels responsible for providing the necessary nutrients to the intervertebral discs. This lack of nutrients leads to a decrease in bone mass and a higher risk of vertebral compression.

How to relieve back pain?

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