These are the people who most like to cheat!

Maybe you would not expect it, but your high school love people are the ones who cheat most in relationships.

A survey conducted online by Ashley Madison has shown that people with whom you are in connection with high school days are most cheating on their partners or partners.

The reason for this is very simple – these people have bored a relationship they have been in for years and that they have been with the same person since they were underage. According to the same research, 21 percent of spouses had met at school, while 20 percent of them met at work.

Sex is the main reason people choose to commit adultery, 61 percent said they responded, while many want to experience new passion or seek emotional insurance.

The men who often cheat are working in trade (29 %)

IT (12 %), entrepreneurs (11 %),

medical workers (8 %) and

working in finance (8 %).

On the other hand, among adulterous women, most are those working in medicine (23 percent), education (12 %), entrepreneurs (11 %), finances (9 %) or socially useful jobs (9 %).

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