Top 12 Most Short-Term Marriages of Celebrities In History

In sickness and health, in wealth and poverty, until death does us part … For some newlyweds, these oaths in eternal love mean nothing. Modern society has changed its attitude towards marriage and family, so divorce becomes more and more. Especially in Hollywood, where there are even more temptations. I present to your attention the 10 shortest celebrity marriages in history.

12. Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner

Hollywood handsome Colin Farrell believes that love at first sight exists, but he believes that this story is not about love for life. And as an example, leads her marriage with actress Amelia Warner , who lasted only four months.

11. Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd

According to the tabloids, Jennifer Lopez is once again preparing to get married. As they write journalists, Alex Rodriguez will make an offer to his beloved on Christmas night. And skeptics are already betting on how long this marriage will last. The shortest was the star’s romance with dancer Chris Judd . The couple got married in 2001, and a few months later filed for divorce.

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