Top 10 Most Short-Term Marriages of Celebrities In History

In sickness and health, in wealth and poverty, until death does us part … For some newlyweds, these oaths in eternal love mean nothing. Modern society has changed its attitude towards marriage and family, so divorce becomes more and more. Especially in Hollywood, where there are even more temptations. I present to your attention the 10 shortest celebrity marriages in history.

10. Nicolas Cage and Lisa Maria Presley: 107 days

Elvis Presley’s only daughter was the wife of the famous actor Nicolas Cage in August 2002 in Hawaii. The tale did not last long: in November of the same year, Kage filed for divorce. It is worth noting that the very divorce process of these stars lasted longer than their marriage – a year and a half

9. Nikki Hilton and Todd Meister: 85 days

In 2004, Nikki Hilton first married. Sister Paris Hilton was elected as a businessman, Todd Meister. The ceremony was held in Las Vegas, but after 85 days the marriage was annulled. The guys just hurried with the decision to legitimize the relationship. Last summer, Nikki married again, but for another chosen one.

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