Top 10 Smallest Birds in the world

Birds are lovely nature gift form the God.In this article First scientific study of World’s smallest birds was done by Juan Lembeye in the year 1850, and in that year he published the list of 10 Smallest Birds. In this list, we are not deviating from popular scientific researchers.

10.The Crimson Chat

Crimson Chat is found widely in Australia. This bird has long legs and downward-curving bill. Its brush-like tongue helps to eat insects, spiders, flower nectar, and seeds. Males crimson chats are more brightly colored than female which helps them to find a mate in the breeding season. Their breeding season lasts from the month August to November. Most calls of Crimson Chat are soft, but when agitated it makes aggressive chattering sound. With an average length of 10-13 cm and 10 g of weight, The Crimson Chat is the 10th smallest bird in the world.

9.The Tropical Parula

The Tropical Parula

Length: 11 cm, Weight: 6 to 8 g

Tropical Parula is mainly found in Amazon basin. The adult male has a blue-grey head,upper part, and tale. Its underpart is colored bright yellow.Tropical Parula has 14 species, among which smallest species is about 11cm long and weighs around 6g. It’s unusual call consist of sharp and thin twitch. But when alarmed it calls in a high thin node. Tropical Parula is mostly carnivorous and eats spiders and insects, but occasionally it eats seed and nectar. 11cm length puts Tropical Parula in 9th position in the list.

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