Top 7 Tips To Protect Your Teeth

Care Tips for Children:

• Your child’s should avoid eating  unfamiliar food and eating more of sweets and fruit juices.

• Help your children to have healthy food and healthy snacks.

• If you do not eat sugar and sugar nutrients at the time of eating, you can prevent infants from having cavities.

These tips will help maintain your oral hygiene.

2. Dental care

To maintain your oral hygiene can lead to dental and palliative diseases. It may be painful. Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is important. palliative disease is a common problem and the National Oral Health Program states that 95% of India is affected by palliative and 50% of Indian citizens do not brush, even other Europe countires also facing the dental care problems. It shows that 70 percent of children under 15 have a toothache.

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