Trump & North Korean Chief Kim is likely to hold a meetup

US President Trump said in a letter to the president that a direct meeting between US President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong Wai in Singapore on June 12 would be canceled by the North Korean provocative negotiations.

Responding positively to this, North Korea said it was ready to negotiate with Kim at anytime with the US. US President Trump said that the negotiations are ongoing with regard to meeting North Korean President Kim Kalam. North Korea has also released a video such as destroying a nuclear test in this country.

He also held consultations with top officials in South Korea on Wednesday to organize a constructive meeting between the two countries. There is now an opportunity to meet in Singapore on June 12, as it is already planned to have a strong presence between North Korea and the US.

Commenting on whether Kim agrees to abandon all of the nuclear weapons in the country, South Korean President Moon J said that Washington’s guarantee is necessary and the US North Korean leaders can come to an end only if it is directly negotiating.

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