What happens to your body at night ?


For the body, the preparation for bed begins at ten o’clock in the night.

22:00 – the number of leukocytes in the blood doubles – this is the immune system that conducts the verification of the territory entrusted to it. Body temperature drops. Biological clock signals: it’s time to sleep.

23:00 – the body relaxes more and more, but in every cell the restorative processes are in full swing.

00:00 – dreams become more and more dominant, and the brain continues to work, laying out the information received for the day.

1:00 – sleep is very sensitive. Untreated in time, a tooth or a knee injured a long time ago may differ and not be allowed to fall asleep until the morning.

2:00 – all the bodies are resting, only the liver is working hard, cleaning the sleeping organism from accumulated slags.

3:00 – complete physiological decline: blood pressure at the lower limit, pulse and respiration are rare.

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