What Happens To Your Body When You EAT 3 Eggs For a Week!

Eggs are the most widely used food in the world. Eggs contain all types of nutrients,vitamins, minerals, which are necessary for growth and development of the body. Eggs also contain amino-acids. Eggs are considered as real bodybuilders. They are the cheapest source of proteins. Eggs have different colors and sizes. The color of an egg does not increase or decrease its nutritional value as said by Molly Morgan, Rd a certified Dietician from New York.

Egg possesses a large protein amount that serves to build fiber tissue and stimulate the immune regularity. This element is further loaded in antioxidants so as lutein plus zeaxanthin that further restrict eye difficulties connected with age. Here’s what results to your body when you eat 3 eggs for a week.

1. Eggs increase immunity

Eggs are the vital source of selenium about 22%. This nutrient is best to build a strong immune system. Not only it increases immunity but also regulates thyroid hormone which is an important endocrine gland in our body. It nourishes this gland so that the metabolism level of the body remains balanced. If you have kids, give them at least two to three eggs for a week. They will love it and will be happy to eat eggs. If your child did not get enough selenium his bones can become brittle, joints and heart can also become weak. He/she can be affected by Keshan disease and Kashin-beck disease.

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2. Eat eggs get a healthy heart

Heart is the most vital organ of the human body. It helps in the circulation of blood in the body. So a healthy heart is must to enjoy a happy life. Studies have found that people who have small dense LDL particles of cholesterol in their blood have a higher risk of heart diseases than people who have large LDL particles. It has been found that when you eat eggs in a day they change the small, dense LDL particles to large LDL particles. To prevent heart risk and give you a better and healthy heart.

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