What Happens To Your Poop In An Airplane Toilet ?

“Smart Magazine” collected the most common misconceptions that passengers have shared with each other for many years, but in vain! If a professional pilot hears that you believe in it, he surely will laugh.

1. The opened door of the plane can ruin all passengers

Actually this is not true. The fact is that after take-off, the doors are under great pressure. To open them, you will need superhuman strength – no person in the world can cope with such a task.

If you are afraid that some drunken passenger will come to mind to open the door and people will start flying overboard, do not worry – this is absolutely out of the question.

2. Passengers can “suck” outside through a slot in the cladding

This myth is closely related to the previous one. Dangerous for passengers and crew members pressure drops can arise as a result of a bomb explosion, or damage to the structure of the aircraft. A small gap in the fuselage is quite another matter.

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