What is The Deadly MOMO Challenge on Social Media? SHOCKING !

Momo terrifies young teenagers on WhatsApp and could be the cause of the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

The creepy face has become the image of the “Momo Challenge”, a dangerous “challenge” that circulates including the WhatsApp messaging application. The Momo Challenge is still unclear, but according to many accounts, the character would challenge teens to engage in conversation with him and send violent images and threats to those who refuse to follow his directions.

So far marginal, the challenge has grown since the Argentinian authorities announced that the “Momo Challenge” could be linked to the suicide of a 12-year-old girl found hung at the foot of a tree.

The police believe that the girl wanted to publish the video of his suicide on social networks by associating it with the “Momo Challenge”. According to the Buenos Aires Times , the video would have been viewed by several classmates of the girl, whose authorities believe she was pushed to kill herself.

Others said they received terrifying images during the night. Still others claim that the character threatened to materialize overnight to curse them.


Some even said that they received calls during which they could only hear screaming and terrifying sounds. In the most disturbing cases, the interlocutors of “Momo” would have received a series of challenges, the last of which would consist in committing suicide.

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