Yuck ! 9 Dirtiest Things In Your House

If you are asked the following question: “What is the dirtiest place in your house? For sure you will answer the toilet. But what you do not know is that there are other places and other things that are even dirtier in your home. You do not pay too much attention to these things while you are in touch with them every day. If you want to know them, here is a list of the 10 dirtiest things in your house.

1.The sponges

Moisture is the ideal condition for mass reproduction of bacteria. As a result, all accessories that are always in contact with water are included in this list, starting with sponges. Their porous characteristic prevents the elimination of microbes even if you rinse them several times. The solution would be to use bleach and change sponge every month.

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2. The carpets

You stomp your carpets every day, but you do not wash them very often. You put them in your house, and often you walk on them barefoot so as not to dirty them, but you are wrong. Your carpets are the niches par excellence of bacteria, you will find of all kinds. To avoid fungi and fungal infections, remember to wash them regularly.

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